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“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what’s the world needs is people who have come alive”

— Howard Thurman

Ready to come alive?

Hi, I’m Brooks — founder of Starlight Leadership.

I’m a leadership coach and wilderness guide, serving those who feel ready to come fully alive and create soulful impact.

As a leadership coach, I help you identify, develop and deliver your unique contribution to the creation of a more beautiful world. As a wilderness guide, I help you navigate the inner and outer wilderness — from the depths of soul to the heights of the Colorado Rockies — that beckon as a portal to your full aliveness and the realization of your true potential.

My journey to this work began in September 2014, when my existential woes and hunger for deeper meaning drove me deep into the desert to undergo the initiatory rite of a vision quest. As a high-achieving, entrepreneurial young buck, I had been flawlessly executing my mind’s plan for “success” and had gained myself admission to my dream MBA program at Stanford. But after completing my first year there, I realized that something felt deeply off.

While I thought I was doing everything right, my body, heart and soul weren’t feeling it. In fact, they were crying out in desperation and pain. I would later learn that those more intuitive parts of me were holding the keys to a much deeper and more expansive possibility: my soul’s highest potential in this lifetime. By crying out with such force, they (finally) convinced me to slow down and listen. I am so profoundly grateful that I did.

My time in that desert canyon launched me into an initiatory journey that ultimately unfolded into an exquisitely awakened experience of life — one marked by wholeness and vitality, infused with spirit and soul, and dripping with the sense of fulfillment, joy and gratitude that comes with living and working in alignment with one’s deepest truth. It opened the doors to a more magical, beautiful, humbling and engaging experience of being alive on this Earth than I ever could have previously imagined.

My current mission is to share and embody that awakened experience as authentically and boldly as I can — in service of the people I love, my communities, this treasured planet we are so lucky to call home, and the greater unfolding of the human evolutionary experiment. While this path brings so much light, it also leads us into and through great darkness, which can be harrowing at times. I understand first-hand the importance of support and community on this journey, and feel honored to pass on some of the wisdom I have received.

I believe ours is an extraordinary time to be alive. There is so much at stake, so much uncertainty and risk in the ongoing global meta-crisis — and by the same token, there is also unprecedented opportunity. I am called to support those who sense this opportunity, are committed to discovering and embodying it through their own path of awakening, and feel ready to play their part in creating — in the words of Charles Eisenstein — the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

As a coach and guide, my clients appreciate my ability to meet them where they are and help them find the courage to see what life wants to wake them up to. I provide a stable, welcoming, challenging, and honest space for them to explore their vulnerability, find their inner wisdom, and surrender to the flow of what wants to come through them. Through this process, they find the willingness to follow their heart's calling, live in their genius, and give their soul’s unique gifts. They embody their light, and in so doing, create a more beautiful world.

I am lucky to have learned from truly amazing teachers and communities. Some highlights include being certified as a 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership Coach by the Conscious Leadership Group; apprenticing as a vision quest guide with the Animas Valley Institute; earning the credential of Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Guide from The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness; serving as a faculty member with Leaders In Tech; and spending months leading wilderness-based leadership development expeditions in some of the world’s most beautiful and remote places as a NOLS Field Instructor.

This newsletter is a space where I share stories, insights, practices and perspectives to support you in your own journey of embodying your light and creating soulful impact.

If you feel called to come fully alive and create soulful impact in your life and work, this newsletter is for you.

Together we’ll explore the uncharted territory of discovering our soul’s dream. We’ll learn to embrace our inner darkness — those uncomfortable, scary and shadowy places where our ego doesn’t want us to go — rather than deny it. Through that process, we’ll heal our wounds, come home to our deeper selves, and experience the beauty and power of embodying our light.

See you out there,


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