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#03: The Sacred Wound and the Call of Soul with Arielle Dispenza

#03: The Sacred Wound and the Call of Soul with Arielle Dispenza

Self-worth, self-healing, and embracing our inner darkness

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is my Co-Creator and Partner at Soulful Impact.

As a Somatic Practitioner and Guide, Arielle supports individuals and groups to integrate limiting experiences and deepen into connection with their wild, embodied authentic nature through the intelligence of the human body. She is a perceptive, intuitive and grounded leader, a devoted wife and mother, and a beacon for a more soulful, aligned and regenerative future.

In this episode, Arielle shares her experience with “the sacred wound” — that deep inner vulnerability, formed through early childhood experience, that later turned into a portal through which she connected to soul and began to cultivate her greatest gifts. She opens up about her journey from feeling disconnected and unsure of her purpose to finding profound peace and self-healing through direct connection with her soul.

We discuss Arielle’s experience with amphetamine addiction, how the call of soul gets louder and more violent the longer it takes for us to listen, and the importance of slowing down and synchronizing with the natural rhythms of life to unlock our true potential.

Arielle shares how her meditation practice, in particular the years of training and practice she completed with Dr. Joe Dispenza (now her father-in-law), helped her take her body back post-addiction and create a thriving life as a teaching professor at the University of Colorado.

She also shares what it was like for her to realize, after the birth of her second child, that soul was calling her into an even deeper path. She opens up about her journey on my vision quest program, Power Awakening, and how that experience helped her claim a missing piece that had eluded her for over a decade of spiritual and personal growth work.

This episode is a beautiful lesson in what it means deeply listen to ourselves, our animal bodies and the natural wisdom that lives in each of us. It’s also an awesome opportunity to get to know my amazing new collaborator in this work.

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