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#02: Experiencing the Deepest Truth of What You Already Are with Jim Dethmer

#02: Experiencing the Deepest Truth of What You Already Are with Jim Dethmer

What soul means and how to follow its lead

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Jim Dethmer is Co-Founder of The Conscious Leadership Group, one of the most successful and sought-after executive coaches in the world, and — luckily for me — a close and treasured mentor.

In this conversation, I get Jim’s take on the meaning of soul and what it might look like to create Soulful Impact in our lives.

Jim is incredibly skilled at distilling deep wisdom into practical and relatable terms, which is part of why I thought he’d be a perfect first guest on this podcast.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about Jim is his radiant, wise and loving presence.

In this episode, we explore how that gift — the Soulful Impact that just naturally flows from him as he embodies the deepest truth of his own being — has been cultivated and earned through intense life experience.

Jim opens up about his prior life chapter as an evangelical Christian minister, which despite making him quite successful and somewhat of a celebrity figure within that world, wasn’t deeply aligned with his soul. Jim reflects how the failure of that path was a result of looking outside himself to find something that can only be discovered from within.

Jim’s humility is truly inspiring — I once heard him say “I don’t think I’ve ever had a single original thought” — and yet I experience him as one of the most powerful, skilled and empowering leaders I’ve ever known.

This episode is a delicious exploration into the deeper truth of who and what we really are, how life conspires in support of us waking up to that deeper truth, and how we can orient ourselves to live from that truth — with joy, gratitude and awe — each and every day.

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